African pirate agrees to free hostages if he can keep 13 yo girl for wife

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  1. Daily Mail (London), March 28, 2011

    Life can be lonely on the high seas and one pirate has decided enough is enough, it’s about time he got himself a wife.

    But the Somali pirate chief has taken a fancy to his 13-year-old Danish hostage—and he is so besotted with her he’s willing to let the rest of her family go free, and even forget the $5million dollar ransom his pirate colleagues demanded.

    According to The Times, the pirate made the bizarre proposal during a conversation with a Danish reporter, who visited the African nation to track down the Johansen family who were taken hostage in the Indian Ocean more than a month ago.

    Jan Quist Johansen, his wife Birgit Marie Johansen, their sons Rune and Hjalte and their daughter Naja, were kidnapped along with their two crewmen.

    Their yacht was hijacked in the Indian ocean 260 miles from the coast just weeks from completing the end of their two-year voyage. They have been trapped on board the previously hijacked MS Dover, along with 20 other hostages, since February 24.

    The reporter, from the tabloid Ekstra Bladet, was not allowed to speak to the family, but he spoke to the chief pirate who apparently revealed his plans for a bride.

    The terrifying proposal puts more pressure on the authorities and hostage negotiators to free the family.

    If the Danes give me permission to marry the girl, I will free the rest without any condition,’ Kristian Kornoe quoted the pirate chief as saying.

    The reporter, who assumed the offer was never going to be accepted, said: ‘The father, Jan, seemed completely exhausted, even ill.

    ‘The rest of the family is tired and angry. The smell is unbearable … it is hot, the water is filthy.’

    Henrik Ljung, a senior Danish psychologist, said ‘The offer of marriage was simply a way of applying psychological pressure, a show of force.

    ‘It’s an extremely effective tool if you want to raise money.’

    Somali pirate Abdullahi Mohamed said earlier this month the gang responsible for the kidnap would kill all seven hostages if any attempt was made to rescue them.

    The family, from Kalundborg, 75 miles west of Copenhagen, were planning to enter the Mediterranean through the Suez canal from the Red Sea.

    That route would take the family through the Gulf of Aden, one of the most dangerous waterways in the world in terms of piracy.

    It is the first time children have been captured.

    Two days before they were captured Americans Jean and Scott Adam and Phyllis Macay and Bob Riggle were killed after their boats were seized by Somali pirates.

    It is hoped that the Danish crew will be able to survive the ordeal as was the case with British couple Paul and Rachel Chandler, who were finally released in November 2010 after 388 days in captivity in return for a secret £625,000 ransom.

    Earlier on the same day that the Danish vessel was captured, Somali pirates also hijacked a Greek-owned cargo vessel with 23 crew on board.

    The MV Dover was seized in the north Arabian sea, 260 miles north-east of the Omani port of Salalah.

    There are three Romanians, 19 Filipinos and a Russian aboard the Panama-flagged vessel.
    Court documents link B.C. Mormon faction leader Winston Blackmore to child brides.

    In at least one case, Winston Blackmore is listed in the documents as the husband of a child bride. In two others, he is alleged to have taken his own daughters across the border to be wed.


    "George Joseph England bought a 5-year-old girl in Vietnam and kept her as a sex slave for more than a decade, authorities say."

    Josef Fritzl
    AMSTETTEN, Austria — A man has confessed to imprisoning his daughter for 24 years in a windowless cell with a soundproofed door and fathering seven children with her including three who "never saw sunlight," police said Monday

  3. Lucky for the victims of those people, that they live in western nations where the architects of civilizations do not permit such things. Whereas the barbaric 3rd world shit holes where sex with children violates no social or cultural norm.... Yes, it happens in the west, and is denounced and considered deplorable. In the 3rd world dumps? It's everyday life...

  4. The real question here is why these pirates have not been wiped out by all the advanced navies from 1st and 2nd World countries? Navies with advanced weapons, sea based air forces and highly trained naval special forces commandos, should have solved most of this problem long ago, yet it seems to get worse each year.
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    My solution is to pay all the ransoms with old currency that was destined to be destroyed and replaced by the mint. It should be put in a container(s) that have tracking devices that aren't readily detectable. As soon as the hostages and ships clear the harbor launch a nuke or two (depending upon the size) from a sub and destroy the money, the pirates and all the pirate supporters.

    There will be nothing to worry about from pirates for a long, long time.
  6. I wonder if they'd go for some shiny beads and feathers?? :D
  8. Most scientists agree that behavioral traits and cognitive ability are determined by both genetic and environmental factors.

    The fact that said behavior is exceptionally rare, so much so that it's national news in western nations, but a commonplace cultural norm in other nations; is it genes or environment? Certainly such behavior is far more common in western nations amongst people from primitive nations who make their way to western nations...

  9. While I deplore 99 % of Obamas foreign policy,I applaud his record on pirates

    Only 2 US boats have been hijacked by pirates on Obamas watch and in both cases all pirates were killed or captured

    I do not agree that the US should invade Somali over 2 hijacked boats.It is the job of the for profit companies to provide security for their boats or avoid those areas and people who are stupid enough so go vacation sailing in those waters do so at their own risk.
  10. God knows we all want to meet your criteria... LOL!!

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