African-Americans Choose Obama Over Cain

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    Poll: African-Americans Choose Obama Over Cain

    NBC News/WSJ/The Grio poll finds President cruises to landslide victory against Georgian among black Americans.

    Obama 93 — Cain 6

    AND: 91% of African-Americans approve of President’s job performance.

    Conducted November 2 — 5, 2011. Margin of error 4.9 points.
  2. No surprise there .Trying to find blacks at a Cain rally is like playing Where's Waldo
  3. You know why they don't want voter Id? Because black people do not have photo id. 25% of the black vote can't produce id.
  4. Max E.

    Max E.

    Its absolutely amazing that you are still able to make yourself look stupider and stupider every single day. If 93% of blacks support Obozo as you have said, would you expect to see tons of black people at a Cain rally? You are one seriously fucked up human being.

  5. That might be trouble for Obama. He got like 98% last time, and most of these people probably have no idea who Herman Cain even is. Put a strong black man on stage next to a wuss like Obama and that 93% might drop quickly.
  6. Racist.......

    where are your stats to show this how were the compiled?
  7. What handouts has Obama given African-Americans ?
  8. I asked Willie down at the shop and he told me this. Willie is my go to guy for all things black. I have the inside track, hence others might have to use google...:cool:
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    And what about Americans, with dark skin?
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    That's about the same percentage that thought OJ was innocent..
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