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  1. I am an ex ETG trader. I am working out of trauma do in part to my experiences there and something occurred to me. There seemed to have been a lack of African American traders at ETG. I am wondering what this is attributed to. Is this something that is an acceptable abberation in this day and age? I remember that at the company retreat, there was not one African American I remember seeing there. I feel that is statistically significant and what that is attributed to. Furthermore, is there any correlation between the number of African Americans there and the trauma that I am in. I believe that this thread can make a difference, both in adressing the trauma that I am in and also in addressing the distribution of African American traders at ETG.

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    I thought you were dead.
  3. Apparently still alive, but suffering severe trauma :)

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    It wasn't a commentary about his handle.
  5. explain more about your trauma.

    people are interested.

    (be kind fellow supremacists..)
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    He's a failure that couldn't cut it as a trader and blames everyone else for his lack of success.

    Also, he can't get laid.
  7. I think first of all black people have huge road blocks to overcome right when their born. The road blocks have nothing to do with racism. The roadblocks have to do with the fact that 1 in 3 black teens have been in legal troubles.

    Racism is not the problem. Affirmative action is anything but racism on whites. The problem is that there is a large majority of blacks that are sucked up into accepting gang like, criminal like and drug like mentalities.

    Even black parents that have some type of virtue are still mostly uneducated.

    Basically even if a black kid wants to strive for a higher form of education they will basically only be able to repeat what they learn and be at best book smart. This isn't because black people are dumb. It's because their parents were uneducated.

    This issue also has to do with academic superiority complex. There is a large percentage of the academic community that is book smart as hell but in reality they have no bottom line logic. Bottom line logic does not come from memorizing and repeating learned facts and beliefs. Logic comes from a mentor or parent.

    Logic will always lose in a democracy when there are more who are illogical that actually take their time to vote.

    Anyways more and more people with a large majority of blacks are born into illogical mind sets. Most will never abandon these illogical mindsets even if they live a moral life and strive to be the best they can because the best they can in their minds comes from doing the stereotypical thing of going to college, getting a house, blah blah blah.
  8. I am in trauma due to being accused of being a homosexual due to not having a girlfriend. I was badly harassed while in the middle of a nervous breakdown. I describe the situation as being like school ties. Anyone remember that movie?
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    Looks like Cstfx was spot on, lol.
  10. You mean the ones that listen to all that black rap hip hop crazy assed cross-eyed music?
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