African american Pres and his wife can take a hike on Prince William's wedding

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    they should lean the basic's of etiquette first...michelle..i'm talking to you..what a embarrassment for US..nice lesson..know your spot..
  2. They probably got a heads up on the gift.

    Harry Potter Dvd's


    Entertainment Book
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    Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity ..

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  4. The prince was just being smart. We've all seen how black people can get at parties. :p
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    Dude, deep down everybody is Black until the police arrive..
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    Dude, everybody is black until the police arrive..
  7. nigga, please.... :D
  8. Looking at your post title I would say you had a thing about race Bob111 and as a Brit I saw nothing offensive or out of place Mrs Obama's decorum on her last visit but as usual the race baiting tabloids like the Daily Hate make much out of nothing. Anyway having seen the present security arrangments surrounding a US President up close I would hardly imagine it be fitting at a royal wedding.

    For all those non UK folks the Daily Maill, The Sun,The Daily Record, The Star and The Mirror are all gutter press usually not worth quoting as fact.
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    I think someone in the UK did something that really irked Ovomit during the 2008 campaign. One of the first things he did in office was return the Churchhill bust to the UK. Then his presents to the PM and Queen were CD's and an iPod? I was embarrased for us.

    It seems he doesn't like two of our important allies, UK and Israel. And gives our enemies (Iran, Hamas, Chaves, etc.) the benefit of the doubt.
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    Maybe this is the "Change" he promised.

    "Snub for Obamas as Royal sources reveal they will not be invited to Prince William's wedding"

    Hilarious. :D
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