African AMerican pastor gives great lecture on racism

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  2. i can just imagine all the black people watching this saying 'whachutaknibout willis??"
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    He makes a good point about blacks using the racism to their advantage. Though I completely disagree with the things he says about other cultures. For instance ffs, the Japanese are famous for way more things than technology. They had the samurai! And these guys were some of the most famous warriors in the old world!

    And what about China? Their industries are far outperforming Germany at the rate they're going right now. You also have Switzerland which actually has one of the most famous banking systems in the world ( They actually get fucking attacked for it being so efficient ) and also they are the only country I actually consider to have a real Democracy anymore since they follow Direct Democracy as opposed to the retard Democracy we all have over here.
  4. Many people have expressed an interest in the incident involving the two (2) angels I met in the park. Therefore, enjoy the article that outlines the events of that notable day.

    "King Totally Good Joseph"

    Pastor James David Manning, founder of Great Tomorrows Elementary/Middle School, tells of an important event that happened in his life in July 1978.

    He speaks about his release from prison and an encounter he had with two (2) men in Prospect Park, located in Brooklyn, New York. Pastor Manning had just joined Bethelite Community Church; he was fresh out of prison. He states that he only had $ .50 in his pocket.

    He was walking in Brooklyn and found his way to Prospect Park. He saw two (2) men playing chess in the middle of the meadow. They were playing at a picnic table. He liked chess so he was drawn to the table. One man was taller than the other, and they wore army-navy gear. The moment he stepped to the table, the taller man told Pastor Manning, "Your name is James, and you are a preacher."

    Pastor Manning states that he felt like anything but a preacher. Why? He had on prison clothes, $ .50 in his pocket, and he looked like anything but a preacher. This man knew eveything about Pastor Manning. He said his name was "King Totally Good Joseph," and he instructed Pastor Manning in his ministry to speak only good words.

    Pastor Manning was held spellbound by this man who never spoke a word that wasn't good. He avoided every negative word, so that only good words came from his mouth. Pastor Manning spoke with this man for about an hour, and his heart burned within him as they spoke. After that time, the man reached into his pocket and gave him a book, a book of names, "Name Your Baby."

    This man intrigued Pastor Manning, and he wanted to follow him wherever he went. He went with him as far as Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn. However, the man told him that he could not follow him; but that he had to go back and preach the gospel and do the work God had commissioned him to do.

    What is so powerful about this encounter was that everybody, including his family, had written him off as a failure, but this man was saying he was a preacher. The power of good words.

    If you enjoyed this brief synopsis of my encounter with the two angels, order your copy of "Speaking Good Words." It also contains Pastor James David Manning's testimony of his prison experience with the Lord Jesus Christ.


    I think he is crazy and try to have more fame with his videos.
    His videos are so funny! :D Look how he talks about the big media people do not want to talk to him. Hmm, you think maybe he try to get their attention?
    Who can believe someone that tell the story of 2 angels?
  5. yikes ... "black people cry racism, raaaaacism, raaaacism " ...


    that is one long legged mac daddy!