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  1. Looking for ways to invest in African economic growth.

    Did some research but mostly found South African ETF, I'm more interested in the economic growth of the continent as a whole but could not find much info.

    Thank you
  2. Pigsky


    I will give you some expert advice.....

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    "As for Africa, weekly wants up but daily wants down but 3-day wants up. The wild card is the moon which is rising in aries and setting over burger king which is a sign of big volatility. So if the weekly wins out it will have big rally, if not daily will trump weekly and the monthly bears will jump in and likely send it down in a big way.

    Lots going on in big picture for Africa so anything can change

    1. Warlords taking over

    2. genocide

    3 water buffalo stampede

    4. lion attack

    In short anything can happen but I'm major bearish unless the 2day pressure comes into alignment with 3day bulls and in that case it should go up. Unless there is a drought in Kenya and the groundhog sees its shadow which would make it go down.



    hopefully you will like this.

  3. African economic thats an oxymoron if I ever heard one. There is no money to be made in africa. Africa has more than 3 times the population of the USA, but only 1/100th the amount of millionaires. That just goes to show you how hard it is to make money over there. Its one of the most resource rich continents in the world, but they cant produce many millionaires which says alot.