Afghanistan: 2000 heroes

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    A sad day. The 2000 mark for dead heroes has been reached.

    But it has been worth it. Osama is dead, we have brought democracy to the sand people and the streets of the USA, Europe and Israel are now safer than in a long while.

    But Obama's treatment of our boys in Afghanistan and our allies in Israel has been a disgrace. Obama Husein, a Muslim pretending to be a Christian, has increased the deficit, has led to racial disunity in the USA. Obama Husein should be impeached and sent back to his village in Africa, for he is not American.

    Romney will bring down the deficit, ensure Israel is protected from Iran and Pakistan and will make us all proud to be American. Romney will also bring our boys home from Afghanistan and ensure the injured are looked after.

    Most of all, Romney will finish off the Iranian terrorists. Obama is scared of Iran and wishes them to hurt Israel.
  2. You sound like a sick man

    like mentally sick

    like some kind of robot spouting what he is programmed

    There is no way in hell I consider Heroes people who for money take guns into another country and kill, based on false flag of 9/11.

    Heroes ????


    Criminals and Victims YES
  3. By calling our American heroes criminals, you are potentially a terrorist threat. You should be very careful, young man. You are now being watched.
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    Where is the media parading this milestone? When Bush was President the media would rant non-stop about these milestones as a way to score a few cheap political points.
  5. Your labeling of dead American heroes as criminals has been reported to ET and to Homeland Security. You are clearly a muzzie and probably a threat to national security.
  6. So we're literally spent/invested $40k in each afghan citizen

    Afghanistan had 25M people in 2001.
    The US has provided $8B in aid since 2002.
    Approximagtely $320 per afghan.

    and... a whopping $8B per month through our war machine expenditures there.

    We've got a minimum of another 4 Trillion in long term unfunded liabilities.
    When the dust settles we will have shelled out about $150k per afghan.

    Cost of the Afghanistan War: By the Numbers
    Updated April 25, 2012
    The Cost of Iraq, Afghanistan and Other Terror Operations Since 9/11, Congressional Research Service, March 29, 2011
    Comptroller’s report, Department of Defense,
    * Total includes enacted and requested funds between 2001‐FY2013 for Operation Enduring Freedom.
    **Includes long‐term car for veterans, as estimated by professors Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes utilizing U.S. government data.
    ***According to Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense, there are less than 100 members of al‐Qaeda in Afghanistan.

    Human Toll:

    - 1,934 American military personnel have been killed and 12,060 have been wounded in Operation Enduring Freedom (the Afghanistan War).
    - The U.S. has lost 1,316 soldiers since January of 2009 alone.
    - 51% of total American deaths have occurred since the troop surge of Dec. 2009
    - According to the Afghan NGO Safety Office, insurgent attacks in 2011 increased by 14% over 2010, contradicting Pentagon claims that attacks were down by 3%.
    - It is estimated that over 30,000 Afghan civilians have been killed since 2001. IEDs accounted for 967 Afghan deaths in 2011 alone.
    - The VA estimates that a veteran dies by suicide every 80 minutes. Additionally, former service members represent 20% of suicides in the United States.
    - Over 2,000 current and former service members have died by suicide in the last decade.

    Fiscal Toll:

    - Authorized FY12 spending: $105.5 Billion
    - Current FY13 request: $85.6 Billion
    - Total* since 2001: $634.1 Billion
    - The Current Approximate Breakdown:

    FY 2012
    - $8.8 Billion per month
    - $2.03 Billion per week
    - $289 Million per day
    - $12.04 Million per hour
    - $200,722 per minute

    FY 2013
    - $7.13 Billion per month
    - $1.65 Billion per week
    - $235 Million per day
    - $9.77 Million per hour
    - $162,861 per minute

    Total cost for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq: $4-6 Trillion**
    Total Military Involvement:
    93,000 U.S. troops
    25,000 International troops
    110,000 contractors
    352,000 Afghan National Security Forces
    150,000 Pakistani troops on the Af-Pak boarder
    730,000 Approximate total in Afghanistan and Pakistan

    All For: <100 members of al Qaeda in Afghanistan***

    Al Qaeda is our make believe boogie man allowing lobbyists to secure 100's of billions of dollars in contracts in the name of defense.
    Boo... We need another trillion to secure X.
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    From a prior US Marine Officer who served two hitches in the sandbox, you can thank me for your freedom to be the dumb mother fucker you are. Now welcome to ignore shitbag!
  8. So which are you ??

    Victim or a Criminal

    If you swallowed a lie of WMD in Iraq and you went there to kill or die.

    Then you are a victim.

    If you swallowed a lie of 9/11(which is an inside job) and you landed in Afghanistan to kill or die. Then you are a victim.

    If you knew the truth, and went to kill oversees anyway. Then you are a Criminal

    So which are you, victim or a criminal