Afghan' Traders

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    Hi Guys/Gal's,
    Right now out in Northern Afghan', didn't know if any other part-time , wanna be traders out here would like to just talk shop etc.

    Always good to talk trading to others that know the joys and pain of the stuff we do.

  2. How are the Pashtun babes:D
  3. MES, Bagram, Kabul? You KBRing it?
  4. What do you want for your Afghan???

  5. Jeff700


    So immediately you think of OP as a dog.

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    Did that ever occur to you as you approve of Israel Foreign policy.

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    Fluoring ;-) Kabul area, also BAF

  7. There is already a country inhabited by palestines. Its called JORDAN.

    More then 50% is palestinian, aka the country is the REAL PALESTINE.

    Stop blaming Israel.
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    Who cares about Palestinians I care about my wallet and my IB accounts that will be in ruin after Israel Broke this country through AIPAC and are about to start a WW3 in Middle east.
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    Wow! This is looking really great! Looks like just a little more work needs to be done.
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