Afghan soldier shoots dead 2 American troops

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  1. KABUL (Reuters) - An Afghan soldier on guard at a joint base with U.S. troops shot dead two American servicemen and wounded two others as they slept, a provincial official said on Saturday.

    Shahedullah Shahed, spokesman for the governor of Wardak province west of Kabul, said the shooting took place after a combined team of Afghan and U.S. forces had returned from a joint operation late on Friday.

    "The Americans were in the middle of sleep when an Afghan soldier on duty opened fire on them," Shahed said.

    "We have no clue as to why he shot them."

    A statement from NATO-led forces said two American soldiers died from injuries suffered in a "hostile attack" in eastern Afghanistan on Friday. A press officer for the Western troops said he could give no further details of the incident
  2. This is what happens when one trusts Muslims. This Afghan Muslim soldier can now count on getting 72 virgins for taking on Muslim martyrdom in the murdering of infidels -- although 2 American soldiers murdered in their sleep may be worth 144 virgins (72x2)!
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    Could be a fragging.
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    ....could be a drug deal gone bad..
  6. I must be suffering from Islam paranoia. It had to be a drug deal gone sour or something else -- nothing to do with getting to Islamic heaven with a harem of virgins for infidels killed.

    September 12, 2009
    American shot over drink of water
    In Kabul, the capital, an American service member and an Afghan police officer got into an argument because the American was drinking water in front of the Afghan police, who are not eating or drinking during the day because of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, said the district chief, Abdul Baqi Zemari.

    The police officer shot the American and seriously wounded him, while other American troops responded and seriously wounded the police officer, Zemari said.
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    I don't see anything there attributing this bad outcome to the worst possible motive, martyrdom, implied by the blather about the virgins, etc. I only see a conflict that began around religious values, between a resident and a foreigner. Nothing here that hasn't already been seen anywhere, anytime in Man's history.

    Occam's Razor.
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    That must be the understatement of the year.

    I have no dog in this fight but your continuing obsessive compulsive posting on the subject is one of the most entertaining things going on in politics and religion.

    To be sure, it's entertaining because I'm laughing AT you.

    Honestly, you come off like a six year old with your fake "I'm going to single-handedly take on all of the Muslims in the world" machismo. I genuinely believe you were spurned by a Muslim girl at some point; hence the ensuing perpetual diatribe.

    You cry out for attention by putting your text in bold and you're so self-involved that you have to even respond to people you have on ignore.

    You're so predictably weak that you'll now put me on ignore for calling your BS.

    This will make it even more entertaining because you won't see me ripping your posts apart just as you don't see everyone else you have on ignore laughing at you.

  10. Seriously, I'm no expert, but your punctuation could use some work.
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