Afghan Shooter Was Penny-Stock Cold-Caller for Mob-Linked Firm

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    Court case on "IN SESSION"..........Wife up on charges for hiring a "HIT" on her hubby. He is also a former boiler room star. Naturally, the hit man she hired turned out to be a cop, OPP'S!!

    It goes something like this: Hubby gives her 100k to pay off lawyers and she keeps the dough. Hubby gets mad, she explains some of his old mob pals took the money from her and the lawyers still need the money. Hubby gives her another cashiers check for 140 grand, she stiffs him again. Too Funny!! Now former bad guy out 240K and still owes lawyers. Her tits, bigger than brains usually got suckers like loser hubby to calm down, this time hubby actually wants her to get the bad guys off his ass and find money to pay lawyers..........she decides enough of all that............ hires a hitman from "EBONY Collections". She, keeping the plans close to the chest, hires one of her jockers to do the deed.........ya can not make this shit up.... Case resumes next week...