Afganistans newest sport...

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    Just a note;The dress of the guy look more likely to be in Pakistan rather than Afgan.

    Does anyone know for sure??

  3. you know if you were truly a well read guy and all

    You would know that most Afghans DO NOT EVEN KNOW about 9/11 in America

    They don't even know it,

    But you will never get to find out interesting little facts like that by sticking to mainstream media for your information, CNN MSN, FOX, BBC, CBC etc etc etc

    To really know things, and to look less like a fool.

    You ought to dig around and read alternative news sites.
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    What incentive is there to keep this bit of knowledge a secret? Isn't this pretty common knowledge?

    Oh... I see... maybe you should try a little less alternative; just a little less.
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