AFFX April 25 Puts up 2000% today

Discussion in 'Options' started by dstod, Apr 5, 2003.

  1. dstod


  2. dstod


    Thinking about picking up some May 20 calls next week.

    Very tempting after being destroyed 85% Friday.

    Bid 1.05, offer 1.25. Down from 8.20 close on Thursday.

    May be able to pick em up cheaper next week after I consult with Ms. Cleo. :D
  3. Hi,

    I'm wondering if there is a really good information service out there, providing infos about possible profit warnings.

    Imagine you just buy a deep out- of-the money put for only a few bucks and it explodes like this Affx thing!

    Anyone having such a service?
    If so, anyone interested in sharing the costs of it?

    Just PM me, if so.
  4. lescor


    Yeah, Herb Greenberg at They've moved him to the very pricey Street Insight now though.
  5. - isn't this that CRAMER stuff everybody is laughing about?

    $ 2200 subscription fee- is it worth the money?
    I mean, I'm only interested in some callings for potential profit warnings, don't wanna hear any opinion of that CRAMER.