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  1. hi,
    does anyone know of a way to enter into a reasonable deal with Bloomberg, i.e. via a particular broker or otherwise?
    i have a personal subscription for Bloomberg Anywhere but thats a 2-year contract, and not cheap ($2,000/mth indiv., goes down to $1,500/mth if 2 or more subscriptions, probably gets much cheaper above 10 subs., dunno...).
    some fellow traders i know would want the BB access, but couldn't afford the risk of getting locked in on a 2-year contract at those rates... any better deals around for 'individual' traders?
    any advice much appreciated!
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    You can get reuters top news and datafeed from from $65 a month, reuters securities news is extra.
  3. thanks v.much just21, i wasn't aware, will def. investigate!
    however, reason i am keen on BB despite the cost is their economic data updates (i trade fx spot based on data announcements essentially). i cld be wrong but it seems to me they are the fastest around to provide the updates, actual & revised figures, news etc, which is absolutely key when it comes to my trading P&L...
    i tried to check out telerate last july (also looked up pretty much every online FX broker news services under the sun...) but they never even got back to me at the time, and i'd been on a BB trial for 3-mths and was already pretty much 'hooked' to the service...
    any views on this / how reuters performs in that area?
    any additional inputs on possible BB access deals much welcome as well,
    thanks all,
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    I will try metastock quotecenter when I return from holiday. Shouldn't the economic figures from reuters be as fast as from Bloomberg?
  5. in principle they shld of course, but in practice i honestly don't know...i guess its more of case of me getting used to the combined functionalites, news etc i get from the BB...quite possibly, if i had a reuters rep. come over and give me a good walkthru, i wld find that they are equivalent (except for costs, where reuters seems way much cheaper!)
  6. They are indeed, Reuters Trader is an outstanding platform and will meet any money managers needs. Equities,currency,money market, you name it. Its half the cost of Bloomberg. They have a very nicely formatted layout just for economic data, in any country you chose. Reuters news service by far gives you better coverage than bloomberg. Bloomberg is WAY overpriced.

  7. Here is a sales rep from Reuters I have worked with.
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    Metastock Quotecenter is a rebadged Reuters equity_trader 8.1. It is a lot less than half the cost of Bloomberg. If you upgrade any previous version of metastock pro the software cost is free before September 20th, then it is $65 a month for forex data and news. You can get old versions of metastock pro on ebay. Not sure how much equis charge to move the license.

    You want to contact for this not reuters.

  9. I really dont think you will get all the features in Reuters Station/Trader 8.1.2 for $65.00 a month. You might get some streaming data and some delayed news. But I doubt you will get the full pkg.
  10. thanks v.much guys, will def. explore those offerings. i'm kind of stuck with what i have now and for another year or so but for me as for other fellow traders it's good to know the options!
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