affordable accounting software for ib users

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by emk662, May 8, 2012.

  1. emk662


    My friend is trying to run a hedge fund and looking for an AFFORDABLE software that can calculate performance fee, management fee, PL, etc. He is using the Interactive Brokers. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Try it is free
  3. rmorse

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    If your hedge fund is friends and family that might do. If your raising money from strangers, you'll need a third party administrator. Send me an email with your contact information and a description of the HF and I'll recommend one. You might also need a yearly audit from a different party.

    If the fund is small, this can all be expensive. That's why I recommend SMA until the fund can reach the level that this all makes sense.

  4. emk662


    Yes, it is a small one raising money from strangers. It cannot afford expensive third party service now. What does SMA mean? Thanks.
  5. rmorse

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    separately managed account. Instead of one account normally an LP for a hedge fund, your clients can have their own account with you having trading rights. At some point you have to become an RIA, but not for a few accounts. You don't need an audit or a third party admin. No one will give you funds for an LP without some protection on your accounting.