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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Messi007, Feb 9, 2012.

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    Anybody had any experience with this group?... Its seems that they are part of a very opaque company called legend securities. I would like to know more about their reputation in the industry. I would like to hear more about their owners Michael Di Gioia and Anthony Nunez. I saw their live webminar (scalping method) a few weeks back, but Its hard to find more about this compay on google or here on ET.

    I would've never tought it was gona be so difficult to find an honest prop company. Looks like 99% are just scams.
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    Affinity looks like an actual decent group. I actually had a conversation with Micheal on the phone a while back ago and he seemed like a very decent guy. They're very lenient with starting traders on good rates (.002 even) and even better when you take their training course. I dont think there are any monthly fees except for if you want to work in-office (Long Island somewhere) and it was like 200 bucks a month.

    They have a bunch of videos on youtube and I dont see any problems with them. They even said that they'll back you if you"re in the red for a month (which I guess it pretty standard now-a-days but still a nice gesture).

    Seems like a very decent group among scams, would deff try them out. Stay away from CTG or TM Global with BS costs and rates...find more groups like this.

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    Man, thank you very much for your reply. I have actually an "interview" with CTG next week, but to be honest I feel very frustrate every time I have to go to one of this so called props and they treat me like if they're doing me a favor by hiring me. How in heaven they can hire me if I wont receive a salary?. And some of those managers are very arrogants. Anyway, thanks you very much again for you input.


    BTW: sorry for my limited english.
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    Hahahaha "interview." Trust me, CTG is full of nice people but, they're all money hungry for the wrong reason. Yeah, they provide a smooth running operation but, I can think of 10 other places that do the same and wont cost you nearly as much out-of-pocket monthly. Always read before you sign and never read just one groups offer.

    If you're a trader, you should understand risk and risk is exactly what you'll get if you fall into a deal that you wont enjoy and benefit from.
  5. Mike Di Gioia has been training for a while. I sat it on one of his classes a few years ago and thought he did a very good job. I recommend you check him out.

    I'm not sure OGTrader has much experience. that statement is pretty naive that these "a group among scams". He's probably a shill for some firm coming on to badmouth others. Take advice from the experienced members on the board:

    Don Bright
    JC Trading Group

    It looks like OGTrader is a shill for a firm competing with WTS. He's hijacked about a dozen threads badmouthing them even without them being mentioned. See the "series 56 tools" thread. Report him if he has nothing to add.
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    Again, I could care less about any competition because I don't have a company to represent.... I'm a trader, not a prop. I will never personally say what company I am with hence, I can't be a shrill.

    In response about Michael... again, very nice guy... I'm sure if you send him an e-mail, he'll call you or something to further discuss the firm.