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    As we all know, sports are all about matchups. Football is no different. I'll try and keep my bias for Pitt at a minimum.

    Arizona is playing some really good ball. They're confident and will be loose since they have exceeded all expectations, and then some, for the season. I don't see the eagles D, as much as I like Dawkins, playing with the Fitz and BQ on the backend, or across the middle. Westbrooks gimpy, so the onus will be on McNabb. Kurt Warner has proven himself a winner at this level several times. McNabb hasn't but once. If this game drags on with the score close, the pressure to win will be very heavy on the Eagles. A mistake will be dying to get out.

    For Arizona:
    1. Arizona has to keep McNabb from breaking contain.
    2. Edgerrin's gotta keep doing what he do.
    3. Make McNabb beat you.

    For Philly:
    1. Pressure,pressure,pressure!
    2. Blitz wisely or Warner will eat you up.
    3. Did I mention Warner...

    Arizona for the win.
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    Well this one's gonna be brutal. Steelers/Ravens play football the way it supposed to be played.

    Weather so far is dictating a sturdy QB. Not making mistakes with the ball is paramount because both defensive teams can score with it. Parker's effectiveness will be key. And the key to that key is the O-Line. This is not San Diego. The Steelers O-Line will have to make up their mind collectively that they WILL control the line of scrimmage or they will lose. Willie Parker is not a power runner means the line has to stay on their blocks a fraction longer. RBurger holds the ball so the line has to hold their blocks. Both teams are physical so this turns into a mental matchup of adjustments and execution.

    For the Ravens:
    1. Don't Free Willie
    2. Make the play. If Big Ben throws you a gift, take it. Don't refuse.
    3. Pound McClain inside... and do it again and again. Pitts been a bit soft there as of late.

    For the Steelers:
    1. Play your defense. No melt down.
    2. No Big Ben game changing turnovers.
    3. Do those 2 things and Steelers win.

    Steelers win by 17 points. I think the Steelers offensive line will make a statement of domination. They've really jelled over the past few weeks and they and Willie together have a point to prove against the Ravens. Willie Parker for over 100 yds. These two teams are at a breaking point. Something's gonna give.
  3. I am a die hard steel town fan, i really think the media sewered us on this one, baltimore is gonna come full force cause the media has been telling them they cant wint all week, i am betting on baltimore cause the odds are there, 6 points is ridiculous between these two teams.

    Worst case if i lose 100 it was money well spent, id drop a k for a pittsburgh win.

    funny to see how two people can intepret the news totaslly different.
  4. Good analysis Bronks. Seems like everything the Steelers do is to eventually set up Hines Ward for a big play that will get them into the red zone. Ed Reed will have something to say about that. But can he keep the pressure on all game? Both of these teams are cold weather teams so that factor is a push. The comment of pound McClain I couldn't agree more about. Keep em honest and Flaaco is capable of getting the ball to a single covered receiver. Suggs and Rolle are gimpy but will play I hear.
    Given that factor and the extent to which they're less than 100% and the Steelers ability to take advantage of it, I take the Steelers.

    I'm thinking, is there a better passing troika in football than Warner, Fitz and Boldin ...nah. When you've got a guy who goes up after a pass like it was Michael shaking and baking in the paint the only way to defend it is double coverage and Fitz proved what he can do against even that last week ...then add Boldin ...well.
    Personally I always get the feeling from McNabb that his next pass is going to get picked. Westbrook is gimpy. Zona is at home and the roof is going to be closed like Kurt likes it. I see a Steelers Cards Superbowl with Pittsburg again proving they're the greatest franchise in history.
  5. No way AZ will win. They shouldn't even be innit.
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    Didn't you pick the Colts to go all the way? If you're gonna spout off, at least give some reasons behind your pick. Gosh.

    Thanks. I think the only piece of the puzzle left for the Steelers is to acquire a big bruising back. As much as Parker has done, he's light between the tackles and this bothers me. If the line knows that all they have to do is give a crease and the back will get the rest, they'll get that crease. As evidenced by all the failed 4th and 1's this season, we don't have that back. Remember when we had Bam Morris AND Barry Foster? Neither was a break-away back but boy would they pile on the yards in the 3rd and 4th quarters. Defenses wanted nothing to do with them. This, IMHO, would be the final piece.
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    Ok, enough with the man love.
    This is why Philly is gonna lose today:

  8. Thanks Bronks. Off to my fantasy meeting. Came in third this year, won it last year. We have a head to head competition for playoffs. I started Warner, Edge, McClain, Fitz, Curtis, Ward, Miller, Zona d and sp tm. need to make up 23 pts to win that.
    Great football this weekend whatever happens maybe better than the bowl even.
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