‘Fabulous Fab’

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  1. I love this guy. Ya know if you go out of your way to be sure you hire the best and the brightest, promote an ethical culture and do God's work. Be prepared, when the shit hits the fan. An American would cave in, take a deal, "Vive la France!"

    This could take awhile.

    The Securities & Exchange Commission said Monday that it is preparing to turn over 900,000 documents, or about 9 million pages, to “Fabulous Fab” Fabrice Tourre, the Goldman Sachs bond trader, in preparation for a trial in his civil fraud case.

    Tourre was charged by the SEC with securities fraud for allegedly helping Goldman market a security without disclosing vital facts about the security. Tourre, on paid leave from Goldman, is fighting the allegations.

    At a hearing Monday, Pamela Chepiga, the Allen & Overy lawyer repping Tourre, said it could take five to nine months for a team of 20 persons just to review the documents. Click here for more on the hearing. All indications point to Tourre pushing the case to trial, rather than settling.

    Chepiga also said Monday Tourre may seek to conduct depositions of up to 50 people in the case. The SEC itself wants to take testimony from 25 people.

    The SEC said Monday that it only had “very preliminary discussions a while back” about settling the case against Tourre.

    Goldman agreed in July to pay $550 million to settle the SEC’s charges, which claimed the bank failed to tell investors about the role hedge fund Paulson & Co. played in structuring a complex financial instrument tied to subprime mortgages or that the fund had bet against the deal’s performance.

    Tourre’s lawyers and the SEC are expected back in federal court in Manhattan in October to discuss a potential schedule for bringing the case to trial.

    In court papers last month, Tourre said he shouldn’t be held responsible “for any alleged failings” made by Goldman Sachs and denied allegations he misled investors. His lawyers called the SEC’s claims “improperly vague, ambiguous and confusing” and said they omit “critical facts.”