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  1. Anyone know any good deals for a new herman miller aeron?
  2. They protect their dealer network pretty heavily, so you won't see a lot of web stores selling them. Keep in mind it does come with a 10 year warranty, so your $700 chair is only going to cost $70/year. You'd easily spend that on a succession of cheap office store knockoffs.

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    You can't go wrong with this chair. I have one and if I ever buy another chair it will definitely be one of the new silver models. The entire trading floor where I work is outfitted with them, I think that says a lot about the quality of this chair.

    During the dot com crash you could buy them cheap on ebay. I think you can still get them on ebay, but the price won't be at a big discount to a brand new one, so you might as well get a new one with the warranty.


    PS. I've broken 3 chairs before this one (not Aerons), wish I had gotten the Aeron sooner and saved myself some cash.
  4. I've had one for the past 7 years, was thinking of getting another for a relative of mine. And yeah, those silver ones look pretty cool :)
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    get on their mailing list -----they give out $50.00++ coupons for Chairs etc. Also, participate in one of their online questionnaire/contests. That will get a coupon asap.

    Other than these guys ---you can get deals on used chairs. I never have. But they are out there. That is to say: If you really do not like the relative enough to buy a new chair for him/her!:D


    FWIW, your blog is tip/top. It is the first trading blog I have ever bookmarked.
  6. KICK ARSE CHAIR, I got one... only thing is... make sure you order the right size for your height and weight.
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    i have an aeron that i got back in '99 and used daily until last year, when i purchased a Lifeform Ultimate High Back Executive Chair. the aeron has since been relegated to being used as a guest chair.

    the aeron is good, but when trading, i rarely leave my chair once the market opens until it closes and the front frame piece on the aeron was really getting on my nerves (literally). i am also a bit restless and move around a lot in my chair while trading and like to lean back and stretch frequently and the aeron's low back resulted in my head resting on the hard plastic frame right in the back of my skull when i stretched.

    i looked at many a chair for a better alternative to the aeron and finally decided to try out the lifeform and have not regretted it once.

    I got mine at Relax the Back. I'm sure there are other dealers out there as well.
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    You make a good point and that is a nice chair. Here is another one and it is amazing to sit in. I have not bought one yet. But it feels more comfortable than anything imaginable. I am guessing your Lifeform sits similar with the high back. I have never heard of Lifeform thanks for the link. Traders and their chairs!

    check out this one:
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    Try the Lifeform if you can...

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    I've never tried the lifeform, but I do like my Aeron. Employees of Herman Miller get a serious discount (over half off), might be worth a few drinks to make some friends. ;)
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