Aegisoft, FTEN, RTS, GL Trade, ORC?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by polr_trader, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. We're looking to trade listed derivatives globally, and we'd like to kick the tires of all the vendors. Before hearing the various sales pitches, it would be nice to hear from actual users first.

    Does anybody have any experience with these platforms? Any opinions at all (robustness, stability, reliability, GUI, client services, dev team)? Do you know if any can feed market data to multiple strategy servers (apparently with TT, we need to subscribe to a different XTAPI for each strategy, which gets to be pretty silly with a dozen machines each running a different strategy).

    Any opinions are welcome and appreciated.
  2. TT Guru

    TT Guru

    Regarding XTAPI:

    XTAPI will deliver price data to your application. What you do with it after that point is up to you. Therefore if you want to use XTAPI to gather the data and then re-send that price data to your proprietary strategy servers, that is well within reason. XTAPI does not require a new instance for each contract/strategy. As long as you can access the strategy via regular Market Explorer functionality (exchange published or user created), you can subscribe and trade that product.

    Please refer to the X_TRADER users forum for more information regarding XTAPI.