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  1. My other thread on this subject got deleted some how. Anyways, does anybody have a comment on this book? I want to buy it, but it is $150.00. So before I pay the high price, I would like to know if it is worth it. Thanks
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    Save your money! They are good and smart people, but the book price/value is laughable! This book is basic knowledge at best. This book should sell for no more than $50 at best.
  3. Its a good book. Better than average.

    As for price, try to pick up a used copy.
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    Just finished reading this book and have to agree that while extremely overpriced, there are some interesting applications of Wilder's Directional Movement that deserve further research.

    First, a big Caveat Emptor regarding the six 'strategies' the author details in the book. While the author states that all of these strategies will find "low risk, high probability entries into trending stocks," there is no discussion on how he came to select the periods he uses for DMI and ADX, the rules for each 'strategy,' and most importantly, a complete absence of performance testing to quantify and substantiate his claim of low risk and high probability.

    However, he did go to the effort to trademark their names which, as with the book's title, is a trite derivation of ADX...

    If you're considering buying it and can't find a used copy there are only two options that I found, and the author's website. Shipping charges are reasonable with the former and beyond absurd through the latter.
  5. go to cbot website and look under webinar. There you will find his presentation on his book and setups. No need to buy the book
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    If you read the book you wouldn't be saying that.
  7. why the book is not available from amazon?