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  1. anybody read it? Any good? It is kinda expensive at $150.00 bucks, so I was wondering if anybody read it and can give some input. Thanks.
  2. I haven't read the book but I did see the author at a NY Expo a year or two ago.

    The book gives trading setups using the ADX as its primary tool for determing the twin factors of Trend & Momentum, the two things a trader need to know to trade intra-day successfully.

    For what it's worth, the author actually provides a lot of support with newsletters, seminars, email consultation, etc. so if a trader feels that they need the structure and discipline it could be usefull. I believe that he sells the book privately (maybe through Traders Press also, but I did not find any copies on, and this may account for the expensive price tag also.

    If you google it, you can get more information from the author's website.
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  3. Note: I think the Simple Profitable Method thread can pretty much give you the info you're looking for to determine trend and momentum, as well as trade entry, I just don't want to dissuade you from pursuing something that is going to work for you.

  4. There is suppose to be 2 replies to my original post, but they are gone. Where are they and what did they say? I am interested in purchasing this book and I want reviews prior to purchasing.