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    Michael B.
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  3. I found a tweak that seems to help in the ranking selection, so I will begin to use it immediately. I must test it so I will take 3 weeks to do that. I will return posting to this journal after that.

    I was merging a list of 3500 stocks together with positive ADX/+DMI/-DMI uptrend, but I found it is better to look at the chart and evaluate a list not filtering with that. My universe was too limited as I can still find many with the ADX I am looking for even with the elimination of that filter. I believe that filter was looking at 14 period ADX and not using the system rules that the author of the indicator published. I use a 22 and a 30 period.

    With the tweak, I got about 10 picks for Monday out of 3500, so I will start with the top ranked pick that uses 7 different sets of multiple criteria.

    So my ranking and entry will require more work. We shall see if this pays off. See you soon :)

    Michael B.
    #13     Apr 23, 2004