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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by bluegreen, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. Anybody use the ADX indicator? What do you set your settings on for intraday trading the emini? Mine is set at 14, 14 and it's not moving. Is it suppose to? Or is my datafeed messed up? my broker said his isn't moving either and he doesn't use it, so he doens't know. The ADX sits there all day long and doesn't move with price.
  2. Did you check the batteries?
  3. LOL. YUP! Batteries are good.
    But I'm serious. The ADX isn't moving. I'm new to using the ADX indicator, so I don't know if it is suppose to move with the price or it just moves so slow that I tell if it's moving or not.
  4. I use the same settings for intraday trading and they work fine. What charting software are you using and where is your data feed coming from ?
  5. Make sure you have it set up to act on last price.

  6. ADX = Advance and Declining Issues, right?

    I think most of the default ADX only look at yesterday's prices.
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    look up the DMI indicator and you'll see what he's referring to.
  8. ADX and MACD are a good combo.
  9. Also if you have two symbols on the chart, with one hidden, make sure the adx is operating on the symbol shown and not the hidden one.