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  1. I have been helping some family/friends with their adwords accounts. At the conceptual level adwords and trading have a number of things in common. Are there people in here who run adwords for themselves, their friends, etc?

    I do not know if it is luck or skill, but I have so far been able to beat the competition by a wide margin. I did it in four different areas, and in different campaigns, so the sample is not too small. In a couple of industries/service areas, I was able to get clicks (that they used to pay for more than $3.00) for around $0.20 while increasing the number of clicks.

    In businesses that rely on adwords, I think that whoever has the lower click cost rules that market area.

    My questions are:

    1. Are some of you involved in adwords?

    2. Are there ways for me to capitalize on this? Please give suggestions.

    3. Did you notice similarities with trading?

    4. Any other comments/questions/suggestions would be welcome.
  2. Not claiming to be an expert, but I work in some of the internet marketing professionals who are Adwords and SEO Experts. According to them, Adwords is fine for shorter campaign particularly if you have a brand new website that won't be able to attract traffic immediately.

    But if you are serious in cutting your advertising costs, you should be looking into SEO. In this way, your site can become prominent in search results and you have leads to your site without even to continually spend advertising money for every visitor that goes into the site.

    My answer to your inquiry:

    1. Are some of you involved in adwords? Yes I have run some adwords campaign before, it is very costly particularly if you are selecting low converting keywords.

    2. Are there ways for me to capitalize on this? Please give suggestions.

    Google adwords has lots of free tools that you can use, check their site for learning. My best advice is to select the best keywords that could give a much profitable campaign. YOu would also want to increase the quality of your landing page. Google Adwords has some tools that you can use to evaluate the quality score of your page.

    3. Did you notice similarities with trading?

    Yes, adwords carries some risk. Supposing you invest $5000 in Adwords, a careless researcher (not particularly selecting the right keywords for the campaign) would yield no returns at all. This is the same with betting $5000 in stocks without no research, the results can be catastrophic as well.

    4. Any other comments/questions/suggestions would be welcome.

    See my first paragraph. Good luck.
  3. I have experience running an online business and I can tell you from experience that there are better ways to generate traffic than ad words. I was in an industry that was relatively untapped so the keywords I paid for were very low cost. Even so, the ad words campaigns really didn't give me the good bang for my buck.

    I find it far better to work on SEO. Having the right keywords on your site, in your domain name, linking to other valuable and relevant sites produce way better search engine rank and thus FREE traffic. Alot more traffic.

    Social networking the past few years has created a great new avenue for getting traffic also. By making a company facebook page, getting friends of friends of friends spreading the word, Twitter, a blog, all of that. Link to as many valuable relevant sites as possible. Don't just link random sites for the hell of it because that may actually hurt the search engine rank. There is a lot of research that goes into figuring out how to rank your site in the top 5 in google but it is possible provided there isn't too much competition. If it is a highly competitive arena then I would suggest spending money by paying an SEO company. And don't go cheap otherwise you'll get a company that just tries to create tons of links to non relevant poor quality sites.

    Focus on niche specific keywords to differentiate from your competition to target your market. If it's a local company, then use local keywords ect.

    Best to you.

  4. Thanks for the input. One issue with the SEO is that it takes time, and most importantly there will be only one page on google with limited spots. So if one does well, someone in the future will do better, and kick the person out. So it is a race.

    As for how to do the ads, I think I am doing fine. For one of the campaigns I have started since 3 weeks now, I have gotten a score of 10/10 :). The last time I checked it, it is getting clicks at 28cents, and the bid is around 0.75. It is very strange in the sense that the rank does not rise even if the bid is way higher than the cost of the click.

    If your friends can check it, I have the area the campaign is bidding for and I can share it to seen well it is doing compared to the best it can do.
  5. Thanks! They were paying for FB, but what you are saying seems to be different. Even when they were paying high cost for google traffic, it was still profitable (the traffic is for a professional physical service company). I was told the FB traffic they got was lousy for what they do.