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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by karsat, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. karsat


    Hi Guys,
    I have never seen people appreciating subscription based stock/option advisory services, does that mean that there aren't
    any good services and it really says no good traders huh?? or if a trader makes really good that he doesn't offer any such kind of services? please clarify?
    and also let me know if there are any good advisory services i.e. any good traders?
    Thank you very much in advance....
  2. sabunabu


    Usually, the good traders only offer their services after their strategy has been exposed and they can no longer take advantage of the strategy.

    On the same note, does anyone use If so, do you find it to be beneficial (worth the monthly fees)? Do they really offer news before the news?
  3. karsat


    any comments please?
  4. joonur


    Karsat, I subscribe to a good one called thestockbandit. it has quite a few picks each week and I just take the ones i like the best. if you check it out put my name down and i will get a free month! i really don't care if they are good traders or not, it just helps me to limit my homework at nights when selecting trades for the next day. i have tried many and this is the one i currently use.
  5. yes, you're on the right track. basically the answer is - no a good trader does not offer such services. but there's exceptions as with anything but they're very hard to find.
  6. Hi Karsat,

    Just because someone can't find any good advisory services doesn't imply there aren't good traders out there.

    Also, just because someone is a good trader...doesn't imply he/she will never be interested in providing trading advice...

    Freely or for a fee.

    Look at it this way, why would a NBA, NFL, Golf, Tennis star making millions be interested in giving summer camps, training sessions, doing how to videos et cetera ???

    Why do these people bother especially when they aren't under contract to do so...

    Although some are under some sort'uv endorsement contract but are compensated nicely for such.

    Is it greed, image booster, boredom, second income, kind heart, providing work for their close friends via allowing them to setup these things...

    Why do they bother if they are already making millions ???

    Therefore, its absurd to think good traders do not offer such type of services...

    Most don't and some do.

    Why do good traders bother posting at ET ???

    Why do good traders bother giving free trading tips or advice at ET ???

    Most don't and some do.

    You'll be surprise at how much your own trading can improve (reinforcing concepts and trading actions) simply by telling someone how to do it.

    Also, I played sports heavily in the past and there's a lot of commonalities between trading and athletics...

    Especially the individual sports.

    Good luck with your search and hopefully you find that Advisory Service.