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  1. Does anyone have recommendations for advisory services that are not day trading rags, but instead services geared towards people who trade several times a week? Preferably with good records over the course of many years - 20%?
  2. No, but I bet you can name a few if we stick around long enough...
  3. No, I cannot. That is why I am asking. I don't care if it is trading individual stocks, one stock, etc...I am just looking for something better to do with my money than put it in a mutual fund. But, I am not a day trader.
  4. Well, then this begs the question of why someone making 20% over a number of years would even want to reveal his or her system in the first place. Either it does not work anymore (so they are selling it), or it never did (in which case they are lying). Would you like to buy a "How to Win a $1,000,000 playing Blackjack" book?
  5. Personally I tend to trust people who only do system development over development and trading because most people can't walk and chew gum at the same time. And in most cases the gum chewing (i.e. trading) gets priority, which means that the quality of the systems suffer, which means clients lose money. I had some personal experience with this -- I watched as a couple of guys I knew ran their funds into the ground (95% drawdowns in at least one account) because they thought they (and their systems) we're infallible. No such luck.


  6. You are stone-cold clueless rock. He asked a simple question, and your response is less than irrelevant.
  7. The link posted earlier does not work - that makes me apprehensive.

    HardRock - I know there have to be people out there who give trading advice with results that are consistently better than the market, that is why I am asking. I wold expect these people to be able to present a track record, and I would expect them to charge for their services.

    I am hoping to get feedback here to avoid any scam artisits or people who just started a service but have outrageous claims/results.
  8. A fair retort...

    I suppose I can accept that as your best. Please let me know when you grow tired of counting all the money the advisory services made for you.
  9. I've had a website now for around 3 years that may or may not be what you're looking for. Basically, it's geared for swing/position traders with more than a dollop of patience. It's free but requires a login and password to access it. Feel free to email me ( if you're interested in taking a look and I'll forward the login instructions.
  10. No offense hardrock, but why are you bothering to reply to this thread if you have nothing to contribute? I was just looking for information, and you are only spreading negativity.
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