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  1. I'm a futures/options trader looking for a good service. Your input would be appreciated.

  2. What kind of service?
    - Method, training, trading?
    - signals for profit?

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  4. All of them? yea right. Any mention of good ones get deleted. You guys lose credibility with all the needless censoring that goes on here. I twice requested that a slanderous post on a different forum be removed, but no can do on that. :mad:

    Rennick out
  5. What happened to the previous thread just here this morning? Was it deleted because the service Rennick is using for his chyrstal ball calls was mentioned? will this post be deleted? v strange since the whole idea of a thread under educational resources is sharing information on good newsletters, advisory services, etc. if the posts containing the names of the service get deleted then it would make sense to delete all of Educational Resources all together.
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    I am disappointed that I can not find the best & the worst trade advisor thread anymore. The content still is available in google search. Why is the thread deleted? It provide valuable information just like ratings or reviews.
  7. I can tell you that is terrible. Do not waste your money there. Not the best advisor, just the worst!

    Price and his salesmen talk a good game, but they are terrible at trading. Do not spend a penny at! ! !
  8. Because it was being used to promote services by non sponsors through posting of links and personal messages.
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    Can you just delete the posts & keep the thread going instead?

    Or you have your restrictions by Baron's ET setup configuration?
    In that case can we start a new thread with similar title to get some good advisor rating posts.

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    Last year someone I know subscribed to their services to do auto-trade. He was very unhappy about the result & have cancelled his subscription.
    #10     Aug 20, 2006