Advisory service?

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    I am a newbie here, dutifully did a search for "momentum options"
    which is an advisory service here...

    but no joy. They claim a great track record and I wonder if anyone on this forum can give a report good or bad on them.

    Thanks all.

  2. I haven't heard of that service, but I can relate my experience using subscription / advisory option services.

    I had two option services a couple years back and both came out way ahead. They just traded calls, puts, and an occasional long equity position when nothing was really moving.

    If the service shows a track record (preferably some evidence outside of their sales page) it may help.

    But this is trading; you have to bet to win.

    I made 5 bets on subscription services when I first started, and each service was well worth it for just the learning. Total cost was less than one semester in college. One service in particular had a huge impact on my trading progress, and served as the pattern for what I now do with swing trades. I keep wanting to renew it but I'm forcing myself to trade on my own, for the challenge.
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    I appreciate that input.. I may give them a shot, I'd like to go long for a change with known risk. I'm usually on the short side and so stuck on the "puter all the time...