Advisory service in futures - legal advice needed

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by fluttrader, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Let's say I want to start an advisory service in futures.

    I live in Brazil and incorporate an offshore company in the Cayman islands.

    I do business under this company, in name of this company and have US clients.

    Now if there are any registration requirements from the NFA , I believe that only my company has to register and not me in my personal name, is that so ?

    The regulations regarding futures in my country, Brazil don't matter ?
  2. When you title a thread with 'legal advice needed' that's when you call a LAWYER, not hop onto an anonymous trading message board. At least find a lawyer based message board...

  3. Maybe the answer is so easy that no lawyer is needed..

    Any suggestions for a board ?
  4. The thing is - when you are asking about the NFA, which would then involve discussions about the CFTC as well, nothing is EASY. The answer itself might be easy, but what you are asking for is not easy. If you want the easy way out, hence the reason for this post I assume, I would strongly think about what this 'service' is that you are going to offer to US citizens.

    Have you contacted the NFA directly for an answer? How about the CFTC?

    Start there if you have not already. They are friendly.

  5. 2 weeks already and no answer from the NFA; except that they have received my e-mail.

    CFTC better and who is friendly ? :0)