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    About advisory service:

    Other related advisory services are and .

    Does anyone have any experience with this service?

    The basis for trades is news and especially stock upgrades and downgrades. Simple enough. Big news comes out and the service tells you to buy or sell based on it (stocks and/or options).

    I'm experienced in stock and futures trading and now I want to have a crack at options. So I'm looking for a service that can turn a profit doing options so that I may learn something from the service along the long path of options education.

    Am I an idiot to believe that someone would be willing to sell his/her profitable stock/options tips?

    The way I see it is that such a service can make huge risk-free money from selling their services, perhaps even more than what they could make in the market. If you had a win-win no risk stock trade you would put your house on it wouldn't you! Also, these guys will know before the market opens that there is going to be a huge order glut on their recommendation so they can easily front run and make extra money that way too.

    Am I missing anything? If so fill me in. Cheers.

    Hopeful newbie.
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    *roll of tumbleweed gentle breezes by the adandoned saloon bar in deserted mining town*

    Is it a dumb question?
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    Well, I did sign up anyway. No trades yet though - they don't always trade everyday. If anyone is interested in the results let me know otherwise I'll let this thread rest in peace.
  4. Yes I am interested please continue. I can guess others may be interested in your progress also.

    Remember to not jeapordize your service. Follow their terms and conditions and I can imagine the details of their trades cannot be reported...

    Michael B.
  5. y same, also interested in results. plse write a review after a month or so, so we can get an idea.
  6. STAY AWAY from those websites! their track records are nothing but back tested results!!!

    if you want more proof, see the "". it's another hype maintained by those guys. It appears in late 2005 and once it was heavily promoted on Google Ads. The track record is stunning until the 2nd half of 2005 (which are all back tested, whatever). If you ask for their results for 2006 (the real trading record), you will thank God that u didn't subscribe to their service.
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    So, it's been a while and I did trial their services, although not the original one.

    I think they supply exactly what they say they do, there is no BS as far as I can tell. The documented trades on the site are in fact those which were available for me to trade. Although I'm not using their service anymore I will use them again when I can day trade the signals, as it is I can't garner the maximum benefit due to a low account balance that stops me from day trading due to that moronic and absurd $25,000 minimum rule.