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  1. Hi,

    I'm considered a fresh grad and i live in singapore. Apparently it seems difficult to get even a junior trading position.

    Let's say if i'm confident i can get roughly 400-1000 pips average per month (taking a risk of 20-40 pips per trade) over a period of 1yr or 2 yrs (making 4-10+ trades per day), will this track record be sufficient to get a institutional trading position? However, my money management and order management is very different from the normal...

    I've had experience trading equity(sg) and forex for a couple of months.

    My plan is to tentatively get a job either as a consumer banker or dealer/remisier work for 2 to 3 years while building my track record? Which is more relevant to make a jump to trader in future? or are there any approach to get a junior trading position now?

    Thanks for replies
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    Consider a clerkship for a prop firm. Better to get compensated while learning until they are comfortable to let you trade.