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    Could you please take a minute to help?

    I have a friend who's an excellent trader ... consistently profitable ... they've enjoyed teaching some people but don't want to run a chat room full time (it doesn't pay nearly as much as trading and it's too much work/not enough fun for a good trader)

    what would other traders like or be interested in learning from this person and how? what formats, looking over the shoulder, etc make sense to people? what forms have you seen that work well?

    I've shared my ideas, but wanted to see what others thought. This is a great resource for the trading community ... someone who is willing to work and help ... not for free, but reasonably.
    (way far on the no-hype scale)

    I know we bash vendors here routinely ... i've done it too ... but this is an honest friend who i'm trying to help find a way of sharing their knowledge while they still trade for a living. I'd be interested in your thoughts.


  2. nitro


    I have no idea what you are asking.

    Are you saying that this person wants to come in here and teach people to trade? Is he a vendor, but it is not much fun to teach others, or just teach others in a chatroom?

    nitro :confused:
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    Sorry i wasn't clear enough ... :(

    My friend is a potential vendor. And would like to know what types of training / information people are interested in. And what formats they'd like to receive it in.

    Although they enjoy teaching, they don't have the time to run a chat room and can't give up the profitability of trading.

    So what other ways would people like to learn.


    Does that help?
  4. nitro


    Yes - now I understand.