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  1. If you were early thirties, had the opportunity to go back to school for a couple years, and grab a practical degree and/or vocational training, which would you choose?

    I feel reschooling is necessary cuz I've spent the past couple years trading for myself, and before that worked within a family-run business, so right now my resume is sorely lacking with marketable experience. I immersed myself in the markets for a while now, but for my present circumstances (with possiblity of starting a family) I'm putting all that aside for the sake of security.

    So if salary and sustained demand for a particular skillset were the priorities, in a field where training and education can be secured within 2 years, what would you all recommend?
  2. Anything in healthcare.
  3. From someone who had that decision to make 20 years ago, and continued to stay in the family business (that I started), go back to school. End of topic, end of discussion.

    Following that, healthcare or anything having to do with seniors. Nursing school, etc. Be sure you get in a field that cannot be shipped overseas. My next door neighbor is an ER doc, and suggests become a dentist. You can choose your patients and you'll get paid.
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    dental school is like four years. But law school would be a good fit. Its three years and plus you really don't need prior experience in law to get a job after you graduate unlike getting an MBA. Starting salary after graduating a good law school is like $80k but the hours are killer. I know a few friends who decided to switch careers and who went to law school in their mid thirties. So there would be probably people in your age group there.
  5. Yeah, that's exactly what the world needs, another lawyer. I would get your MBA, its going to give you the most options in the long run.
  6. I currently work an insurance type job and 33 years old. I have tried hard to find another job both within my company and outside without luck. The only thing that I am qualified for is insurance related gigs.

    Apparently, when you get to be over 30 then you hit a wall with employers. Age discrimination. Why would someone want a man in his 30s in an entry-level position when they have so many resumes from folks fresh out of college?

    If your over 30 and want to get into something new, then its much harder then if you were in your 20s. I dont lack the energy, drive or motivation. I just need someone who is willing to take on someone who is over 30.

    I hope that I am not discouraging you with this post. I'm simply pointing out a condition that I have found hard to overcome. As a caucasian male, I thought I would never come upon discrimination. Evidently, I was wrong...
  7. By the way, anything medical or healthcare will require more then two years of your time and lots of effort. Lets take nursing for example...

    For nursing there is a set of courses that you must take before you even get into the nursing college. Then there is the waiting lists. The nursing classes are not easy and I believe you have to get a B or you fail. I believe it will take a minimum of 3 years just to get an RN, if not more.

    Then once you are through all the classes and such, the actual job involves being around sickly people in a hospital setting for entire shifts. Not fun.

    Doctor/lawyer/engineer will take several years. I went out with a doctor and she didnt start making six figures until her mid-30s. There was years of education, training and certifications. Lawyers, at least 2 years and then you have to go through a period of being a newbee attorney. Engineer-I remember a few who did not get out of college until their mid-20s, 6-7 years to get a B.S.

    The real way to move up and make lots of cash quick is through sales. Any sales job has the possibility to make a six figure income. An account executive at a major corporation or even the guy who sells cars at the local dealer. Medical equipment sales,etc.

    You can do customized searches through Monster for jobs. Im going to do that this weekend. My ideal situation would be to find an account executive, businessman, trader, etc. to work under for a year or two (learn the business) and then attempt to move up from there. I have known of a few people who started as assistants to someone and then they were able to leverage themselves into six figure jobs within a year or two. Some of them did not even have a college education. Just work under the right person and they will move you up when they believe you are ready.

    Lastly, dont forget whatever time it takes for you to get a new degree you will have spent a lot of cash and time when you could have been making money. There is no guarantee that you will get through a degree program.

    Then once you do get a degree, there is no guarantee that you will get the job of your choice unless that degree is healthcare like nursing. As I said before, why hire a 30-something right out of school when they have so many young 20-somethings...
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    An another MBA graduate is what the world really needs?
  9. Sorry. One last thing to write.

    I have just found this site off of a blog called

    Join the site and type career change. You can find a group of people that will get together and discuss ideas. Its also a great place to meet traders and other people.
  10. What happened to the family run business? Not an option to stay there?
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