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  1. I responded to a post about a joint venture. Here is the response I received:

    "my background is trading the forex market, but i trade various futures for my own account. i am looking for a partner with the know how to fund this. what i can bring to the table is 2 vary savy traders that can add to methods to hepl reduce volatiliy. our strategies are macro low volume and extremely profitable. let me know what you think and if you are interested please send me a briefing of your background and perhaps we can take this further.

    The request for money is clear. But what is not clear is everything else. Can the honorable ET brethren interpret this for me? Thanks in advance
  2. Why are you being interviewed? You got the money.
  3. traderob


    I think it means 'we have no money and would like yours so we can trade with it'.
  4. slamma,
    if you can get everything on paper, agreements all proper, OKed by business lawyers (Deloitte-Touch-Tohmatsu e.g.) and you meet them in person to get an understaning of what they can offer in terms of credibilty and seriousness, you might proceed by offering funding. Ask for proof of track records, call former employers/associates etc. But, still, you're in for a risky experience.
    If they're unwilling to offer any such disclosure, and don't show trust - then don't credit trust to them. Trust is the #1 principle in doing business. Dishonesty will work with 1 client 1 time (normally), and eventually gets people in jail or worse.
  5. slammajamma: Not sure about the interpretations or about being "honorable ET brethren," but if you got funding money I can trade it for you - you keep half the profits.

    I win every trading session guaranteed. Zero losses ever.

    Also, if you want to learn how to trade I can train you to win every fx trade.