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    A couple years ago I traded (primarily NASDAQ/NYS) at an equities prop firm in New York, but the payout wasn't great and I left. I recently came into some money and am looking to become a career trader from home. I trade volatility in fast moving stocks and execution is of the UTMOST importantce. Unfortunately, I am clueless as to what are decent firms that offer retail trading from home that is keyboard based Level2, and also what the best software would be for what I do. I would really appreciate any insight that anyone has.

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    A very important element to your trading is that you do not trade recklessly because you came into money. Many people who trade with trust funds or inherited money lose quickly because having not earned the money it is not as important to them; that said I have used Interactive Brokers with Button Trader as a front end and could not be more pleased. Interactive Brokers offers a large amount of products and Button Trader front end is an unbelievable way of trading, You can watch a video to train you and read more about it on the website. You can also easily create your own strategies. I wish you the best of luck, if you wish let me know is you like buttontrader (download this simulated trading first so you know you like it, it is only available as a front end to IB.

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