Advice you wish you had gotten in your early 20s

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Sikhinvestor, Mar 7, 2007.

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  2. great post! i would also add .. think about your decisions THEN when you take action put 100% into it, and don't look back over your shoulder second guessing yourself...
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    Never sleep with anyone crazier than yourself! :) :(
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  4. I just have not had any luck with women. Better just to have girlfriends and not get married.

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    (See page 3.)---Ummmm, I take it you do think rap is not harmful to young folks?
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  6. see attached.
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  7. Hey Mr. Hershey, you give without asking anything in return. You sacrifice yourself for the benefit of others. I am sure you have even greater riches waiting for you in another world.


    #1 fan.
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  8. Say that to a woman and she'll remnd that you're the problem. Not the women.

    If you pick bad women, check yourself. Perhaps your standards are too low.
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    Best advice for anyone in their 20's:

    As soon as possible, learn to be a good buyer of real estate. Study your local market, then buy the best and biggest single family home you can afford, as soon as you can possibly do it.

    Don't put it off, using the excuse that real estate is too expensive. To someone in their 20's, it will always look expensive.

    Take good care of the house, and upgrade to a better home every few years.

    Stretch yourself now, get on the path, and in your 50's you'll be very happy.
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  10. <i>"Never sleep with anyone crazier than yourself!"</i>

    That rule would have shortened my list considerably when 20s

    Best advice would be to learn everything possible for education sake... knowledge is built upon knowledge. Everything else falls into place from there.

    2nd best advice would be to pick a profession you love, regardless of pay. Money alone is not worth the exchange for time if it's pure drudgery. 1/3 our lives are spent working, that's a lotta time to be bored = miserable.
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