Advice you wish you had gotten in your early 20s

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  1. hughb


    I was such a clueless loser in my 20's that any bit of sound advice would have helped. If someone had simply gotten me to get off the couch and turn off the television my situation would have improved dramatically.

    To advise a youngster today I would first find out what his bad habits are and tell him to stop indulging in them. I would then advise him to write up goals and a plan on how to get there and tell him to be flexible enough to change those plans if he's not gettig to his goal, (ie his trading/analysis methods). I would tell him there are some massive obstacles and problems on the road ahead and to have the patience and guts to get through them.
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  2. BSAM


    Very sage advice. However, they will never listen or even be equipped to grasp such wisdom.

    Better to tell them: "Don't listen to rap." If they just follow this one piece of advice, you will have accomplished a great thing.
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  3. I miss Lykus. I used to live in So Cal. He is a freakin' riot. Great advice for guys.
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  4. duard


    Advice you wish you had gotten in your early 20s

    Early 20's ----bang a lot of women in their early 30's.

    Early 30's----bang a lot of women in their early 20's.

    Early 40's---- Buy a boat.

    Early 50's----Retire.
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    Why? In your 20's the 30 yr olds just want to fuck young guys all day long. They are not interested in a relationship.

    In your 30's the 30 yr olds will want to marry you but the 20yr olds are capable of fun for a long time before you need to move on from the uncomfortable pressure of the tick-tock of a women's clock.

    In your early 40's if you're not married or even if you are you need a boat to get away from women for long stretches of time.

    Early 50's you should be done working hard. By this time you can always get married to a women who has money if you don't so you can retire anyways. Besides you have a boat to get away for as long as you want remember.

    A lot of truth here.
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  6. Learn the Jack Hershey method of Seduction.
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  7. Time is more valuable than money.
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  8. BCE


    Enjoy each day. Focus on the here and now.
    "Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans."
    Allen Saunders, Quoted in Reader's Digest, Jan. 1957. Often credited to John Lennon
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  9. If the boss gives you a shit job, do it better than anybody has ever done it.

    Be a company man. otherwise go elsewhere.

    Walking into a new job, I always was on the look out for who had the best job/office and then go for it.

    I worked very hard to become a manager, then I worked very hard to never be one. I became self-employed.
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  10. Hmmm.

    That 2 Family Flat the city called you up and offered to you for $1.00

    TAKE IT!!!! fix it and Sell it.

    House sold for 85K 4 years later. Bummer!!!!! I was 19 at the time.

    Oh... I forgot...

    Dont Marry that Chick... She's Crazy. I was 22.
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