ADVICE to Isreal, STOP USING American Advisors

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Aug 7, 2006.

Should Isreali's stop listening to Americans

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  1. please for the love of god stop using american advisors. The same morons that directed the war against iraq, and you use their advice. They told you dont worry its going tobe a pieace of cake, use airpower. You dont need a massive invasion force. Forget the doctrine of overwhelming force of men. LOL when will people learn. The isrealis should have went in with 200K men and woman. And twice as many ships and artillery. They are now suffering the same problems as the americans are having in iraq. Without sufficient troops, they have to move troops out of one area to support another. The hezbollah moves into the zone they moved out of, then they have to shift those guys into that zone again. Jesus christ when will the world learn, american strategists are morons. They keep relying on 20th century failed tatics and technology. and now isreal is getting beat by a force of 10 K men. For the love of god, stop listening to the americans, and use common sense :D
  2. Well, Mahram, half the Israeli fleet(destroyers, etc.) are in dry dock for annual maintenance and repairs at the Sea of Galilee shipping port and Naval station.

    They will have to get by for a land invasion and land war without them.