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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Dr. Trader, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. bigbear


    this is the first one to read. as old as it is - the lessons still apply today. fun easy reading. you will probaly read this many times in your trading career.

    Congrats on the MBA. I am working towards mine too. It does not teach you anything about trading though. I think that is what most are trying to say. It is a lot easier than trading is.
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  2. Osman


    i've had the same experience with much of my learning off of books and even many lectures.

    once i had started my real world training, i had to spend the first months throwing wrong/obsolete book knowledge out of my mind and learning what i see on the screen.

    that being said, i highly recommend 'the disciplined trader' by Douglas. its a psychological trestise but one i refer back to every other month even now
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  3. Everest


    I agree, but reminisances is still awesome
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  4. Everest


    The best advie I can give you is a take a week to read all these books, the replies on this post, and then start your own thread telling us what you think of the markets with this plethora of experience.
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  5. That's very excellent insight into education and psychology. That's the same stuff I hear from people with experience as well as from my own.
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