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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Dr. Trader, Apr 22, 2004.

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    My, we seem to have drifted off topic a little. Like, pages 4 thru 12!! Moderator, can you possibly eliminate everything here, after Grob's post on page 4?


    P.S.--Can you ban Spitfire?
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  2. I picked as many weeds as I have time for right now... I am trading and will look more closely a little later.

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  3. Try the first 2 market wizards books along with Reminicieses of a stock operator (I can't spell either). Those three more than anything else I have read have helped the most.
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  4. Steve 44

    if it makes you feel better to believe that others are not sucessful in order to make your own very dim light seem brighter so be it.

    As for banning me, oh goodness.
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  5. Hello:
    In this very dim light I can barely make out my name. Could you add two more digits please. Thanks, Steve46
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  6. ====================================

    Excellant points on MBA paperwork;
    not bragging but i have ALL 3 Jack Schwagers top traders books
    in my library
    & most of that stuff in me.:cool:
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  7. Oldtimer


    It has been my experience that those seeking an MBA to serve as a catalyst for changing their lives, anticipating moving into bold new directions as soon as they can hang those three letters on their wall, are sorely misguided and typically disappointed at the outcome.

    Those, however, who are in an industry where they bump their heads against the top of their capacity for upward mobility, and seek an MBA in order to further themselves in the same career are the ones who are more successful as a result of receiving the degree.

    One other thing, about jealousy of those who have more education than they. If it's not one thing, it's another. Better education, better job, better wife, better car.

    Work on yourselves, people. It's the petty jealousy and unhappiness with your own lot that leads to emotional trading.

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  8. You forgot better dog
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    >>You forgot better dog<<

    I thought it was implied. It's always the first thing to covet.

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    Trading futures with $2,000 shows that he's insane.

    Throwing the computer out the window shows that he was sane.

    In other words, they called him insane for the only sane act in that scenario.

    Ironical, ain't it?

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