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    I missed this post - sorry.

    The biggie is just that to really really really really really trade in the markets, you have to let go to the extent that you really just don't exist anymore, and that you and the market are one. If you are still preening yourself over your MBA, you will find this state of affairs somewhat tricky. By the way, you should be proud of it. That is not the point though. Re read the thread from the beggining. If you ask a decent question, this is the place to get a really really good answer.

    Have a really really really nice day.

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  2. This thread is about "advice to a new trader". I was asking about books, and the information given so far has been useful.

    Please don't sully this thread with trashy garbage. I'm trying to learn, and I don't appreciate your inane remarks.
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  3. Isn't an MBA enough?Why don't you get a nice high paying job and leave the hair-pulling,high stress stuff to us ignorant slobs.
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    Those of you who attended last night's chat on Prop trading heard the perspective of a very successful trader, who never finished college.

    His take was that the traits that make up a good trader aren't specifically quantifiable. Beyond the commitment the Dr. put into the MBA (commitment being one aspect that IS necessary and quantifiable), some MBA's make good traders, and some HS dropouts make good traders.

    I guess what I am trying to say (taking into consideration precisely why the Dr. mentioned his MB A in the first place), is that, although the serious responses all made good points, the fact is that postulating about someone not making it as a trader because they have an MBA is as wrong as saying the reverse.

    The degree doesn't trade the market....neither does the lack of one.

    Having said all that, I have no discussion material on the relative size of Spitfire's member. I really really really hope it doesn't divert bloodflow and hamper his ability to become one with the markets :D

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    !. Define education.
    2. Presupposition of the unknown - interesting
    3. actually, if it makes them feel better, is that not a good thing?
    4. Particularly since your superior education and intellect allows you to understand our weaknesses better than we are able, and with your understanding and benevolence you are helping us, and thus we are helping you.

    Spot the change in the subjective.

    Bring on the superior beings please.
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  6. I admire people who are willing to jump through the hoops necessary to succeed in college. An MBA is a fantastic achievement and a valuable tool for succeeding in many types of businesses..

    I personally made the choice not to pursue a college education. Its funny to me how those who did earn degrees sometimes assume that those who choose other options are somehow "jealous". I do not want an MBA because the opportunities that it would open up dont interest me. If I did, I would enroll in college and begin working toward that end.

    What I do find silly is how some with a high level of education just assume that their degree somehow makes them superior in areas outside their expertise compared to those with no formal schooling.

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  7. I already thanked those for the quality advice. I can see it.

    No, I took the English classes. "Trashy garbage": oxymoron.

    I like to have a bit of banter as well. Although i'm quite certain you don't recognise anything, except something in your imagination.
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  8. Fair enough.
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  9. I never said anything even remotely close to this statement. Actually, I asked for advice to a "newbie" in trading.

    But I am still proud of my MBA, despite what's said here.
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  10. He was talking about something I said, which I probably should have worded more carefully...
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