Advice to a newbie

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Dr. Trader, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. Ditch


    Dr, Trader, MBA.... smells like low self-esteem
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  2. Spitfire


    I have a copy if you want to borrow it - a little worn of course, but only in the best way.

    Did I tell you I have a PFD?

    Time for new lows in the Bund
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  3. Thanx for the good information on books. Much appreciated.

    What do you fellows have against an MBA? I worked damn hard to get it, and i'm proud of it. And now I'd like to learn about trading stocks. What's the biggie?
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  4. im almost afraid to ask.. PFD?

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  5. Oldtimer


    >>>What do you fellows have against an MBA? <<<

    Thesis envy.
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  6. I myself have an MBA, and here is what I have gathered from reading this board:

    1. Many people with MBA's feel that because of their background they will have a better chance of being a successful trader. That is absolutely not the case and may actually be the opposite.

    2. Perhaps people on this board are just a *little* jealous and feel that they can make themselves feel better by giving people with more education than them a hard time.

    I will now step back and prepare for the flames I am about to receive.
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  7. Spitfire


    Against MBA's - why nothing. Re read the thread.

    Did I tell you my IQ?
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  8. Then there are the innumerable Zen and trading books and 'flow' and trading books...
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  9. traderob


    The thing is is that an MBA is not worth much at all in trading. The fact that you are proud of it means you might imagine you have some sort of edge over traders who don't. And that will be to your detriment.
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  10. I don't "imagine" that at all. Quite the contrary. That's why I started a thread under the title "advice to a newbie". While I am proud that I attained an MBA, and you would be too if you went through what I did, I do not connect an MBA to being an able trader at all.

    With stock trading, i'm looking to start from scratch, which is where I am. The MBA simply shows my resolve to attain my goals, and my recent goal is to learn about trading.
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