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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Dr. Trader, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. Didn't Mark Douglas write Trading in the Zone?
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  2. Oldtimer


    They BOTH wrote books of that title. Douglas wrote another book I would put on the second-round list, which is The Disciplined Trader.

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  3. But you like Kiev's better? Why?

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  4. Oldtimer


    It's not necessarily a matter of liking one book more than another. I just like Kiev's book as one of the first to be read because it gets more deeply into the psychology than does Douglas.

    I really believe that a beginning trader should almost isolate himself in self-analysis to determine where his past successes and failures have come from, find predictors for success and failure and actively work that knowledge into his development as a trader.

    Elder and then Kiev.

    And THEN douglas.
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  5. patdyess


    "Trading for a Living" and others by Dr. Elder
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  6. BSAM


    With all due respect, Oldtimer, I think Dr. Elder's book may be too much for a beginner. I'm not sure what this guy may or may not already be aware of, but if he is a raw beginner, he may be in need of some books with more basic instruction.
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  7. probably true.. it is one of the first books (maybe the 6th or 7th) i read though.. alot of the old beginner daytrader books are obsolete because of changes in the markets.. no more fractions, selectnet, pdt etc etc..

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  8. Oldtimer


    Even tho the book is outdated in the ways you mentioned, the underlying principles still hold true.
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  9. He plans to read his selections too quickly in my opinion.
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  10. yes, very true..

    well.. there is "Daytrading for Dummies".. and "The Complete Idiots guide to Daytrading like a Pro".. perhaps he just assumed that there would also be "Daytrading with power using your MBA" or "Everything you always wanted to know about Daytrading but didnt learn while completing your MBA".. also dont forget "Daytrading etiquette for those with class, and an MBA".. perfectly logical.. :)

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