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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Dr. Trader, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. Hi! Can anyone recommend good trading books to an MBA who wants to get involved in the stock markets?

    Thanks in advance.
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    This question has been asked a "few" times before. Do a search.
  3. Can you help me along with a few good keywords? I'm having difficulty finding threads that are related.

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    Put your money in a good hedge fund with drawdowns
    that are acceptable to you and work at something
    that you enjoy doing.

    If you still interested in easy money trading, just open
    an account and enjoy! All the money you want is
    just a few mouse clicks away.
  5. Thnaks for the advice. There is no "easy money" in trading or in life. I want to read a book recommended by good traders, and learn. I know trading is very difficult, and reading a good book on trading will help.
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    Dr. Trader....

    Have you decided what kind of trading you think you might want to do? Stocks, options, futures........Long term / Short term?
  8. Did you try the "Books" link that is at the top of every page of this website? There are a lot of good ones there.
  9. what your asking is like a freshment in college asking whats a good book to read. there are hundreds and evan after you read all these books, your still now going to know whats up until you take a couple trades and see how you react when you are losing your money.
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    I always recommend two books to beginners:

    Trading for a Living by Dr. Alexander Elder

    and Trading in the Zone by Dr. Ari Kiev.

    Both men deal well with the psychological aspects of trading; which I feel should be the first thing explored when a trader sets out to learn the biz.

    Read both, begin trading and read both again after 6 months of trading activity.

    In deference to the many helpful people who recommended you launch your own quest for the appropriate book, I will say that these books are great, but you do need to decide the type of trading that best suits you, and seek out specific education in that area.

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