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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by matrader, May 29, 2009.

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    Hi Guys,

    I have just completed my Master's in Financial Engineering from an Ivy league school in US. My undergrad in from the best engineering institute in India (completed eight years ago). I need your advice/suggestions on how to go about my job search. I am interested in trading (algo trading) or structuring/quant modeling kind of jobs.

    I have seven years of IT experience (developing risk management and wealth mgmt applications) at one of the top four investment banks. I joined Master's for a career change as I think I can do well in those areas. Right now, I am not able to land an interview. I think my past experience is acting against me.

    I want your opinion on:
    a) If you see a resume of financial engineer with seven years of IT experience (prior to MS), would you guys consider it for trading or structuring/quant modeling role?
    b) I have cleared the numerical tests of the two prop trading firms but they did not consider me for interview as I was not "young" enough for them. Do you think age matters in prop trading?
    c) How should I approach my job search?

    Thanks in advance for your comments.
  2. 1) Look through the job and career forums at
    2) Contact some of the headhunters there for help and ideas.
    3) The "lousy" economy is negatively affecting hiring in all career fields.
    4) You may have to resign yourself to IT if something trading or finance-related doesn't work out.
    5) One "problem" is that you're trying to switch into finance without proper experience in an environment when companies aren't interested in rookies nor career-switchers.
    6) Those prop trading firms may have done you a favor by rejecting you for having a lot of book-smarts but not enough street-smarts.
    7) Would you be willing to re-locate to India? :)
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    Thanks nazzdack. You are right, the market conditions have made it very tough for me to move to finance.

    I am open to relocating to India also.