Advice requested from seasoned future scalpers

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  1. I'm a discretionary non automated futures / etf / forex scalper, sometimes intraday swing trader. Doing fairly well but feel like I could do much better if I found the solution to my big puzzle.

    I have a bit of a dilemma with my trading style that I can't yet solve so gonna present it to the forum in hopes that someone with more experience than me can shred some light.

    When a strong trend has developed I've noticed I can get better rewards when I follow it.

    However, my low risk entry techniques are all contra-trend. I'm not very good at finding with the trend low risk entries, therefore, eventhough I recognize the superiority of trend following, my edge lies in contra-trending.

    This suggest that I should trade with the trend and use my contra-trend signals as exits, but then what do I use for trend entries ?

    Sounds dumb but really missing that big piece of the puzzle.

    For instance, say a strong downtrend has developed, I got great techniques for buying the lower lows with low risk, but then they don't run that much, I wish I could take those low risk entries shorting and not buying into the downtrend to obtain the low risk entry plus be able to let the trade run a little further for reward maximization.

    Can anyone with more experience help me out, perhaps share some ideas, greatly appreciate it.

    Makes me wonder if others are in the same boat or if I'm missing something obvious.

    Thanks for reading.

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    90% in the same boat,don worry
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    I'm in that boat for sure, if I miss an early entry. With trend entries should be so easy and I think that's what gets me more than anything! I know its trendjng but I always convince myself its overdone and I don't want to be that last sucker buying at the top/selling the bottom... of course most times it pushes on through further and I grab a pullback scalp instead of riding the wave. Another psychological hurdle among many I suppose :p
  4. What you are describing is not my issue.

    I don't have a problem trend trading.

    My problem is that I require precision entries so I can take advantage of size, I got that covered. My problem is that my precision entries are all contra-trend.

    Anyone that can offer ideas?

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    You should then monitor on various levels and fractals to get precise entries.You are trying to enter the trend on the same fractal you counter at.It's not all that simple.
  6. Have you solved the problem of dealing with slippage and commission? :confused:
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  8. Sorry, but what you are saying just does not make sense.
    If you really have a working precision entry for counter-trend trades, you have everything.
    It's all the same.
    Instead of jumping on the retracement with your precision counter-trend entry, just wait and imagine the retracement is a new trend. Visualize it as a trend move.
    Then when the end of the retracement move comes, (you should know when it is, if you have a working precicion counter-trend entry :p )
    just apply your precision counter-trend entry to this retracement, in the direction of the trend.

    For trend scalping you have to catch the moves at their beginning, and that's precisely at the end of the retracement.

    Joke aside, just show some charts with those "precision" entries, and we can discuss whether and how you could apply them to the retracement.
  9. Not sure what you mean.

    I use limit orders to enter, use market orders in high liquid instruments to exit when wrong (stopped) and use limit orders to exit.

    I take very small stops and let winners run.

    That's how i deal with slippage and commission :)

  10. I agree, this is my problem.

    Need to fix this to do better.

    This is exactly what I'm trying to solve.

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