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  1. I will be graduating this year and want to get in with a trading firm in Chicago. I will have a major in econ, minor in finance. I went to a lesser known university in Michigan and unfortunately my school didn't offer any courses focusing on derivatives, just a few chapters here in there in my finance classes. After I started researching trading as a career, I realized very quickly it was for me. I have the hunger and determination to learn and am eager to jump in with both feet.

    What I am looking for now is any quality advice I can get that could help me land a job, and or, shorten my learning curve, books to read, etc.

    I would greatly appreciate any helpful advice as I take the next step.
  2. -Pit Bull
    -Market Wizards series
    -The Logical Trader
    -Reminiscences of a Stock Operator
    -Trading in the Zone (most important in my opinion)

    All the above are books that I think are essential to any trader.

    What do you plan on trading?
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    May I add "The Stock Trader", by Tony Oz.
    It's out of print but you can find it online for about $100
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  6. Reminiscences of a Stock Operator-Although old, still one of the best for tape reading techniques.......
  7. Wow, are you a vendor for these books? Seriously, that's a pretty dam good website, with reviews and all. Not bad.
  8. Thanks for the quick feedback.

    I am looking to get into currency, index futures
  9. Well, you could do far worse than spend at least a few weeks actively exploring this very message board. Just keep your BS radar on (you'll refine it as you go along) and it'll be time very well spent.

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