Advice on New Desktop + TV as a Monitor

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    Not all graphic cards support 3 monitors.

    If you want seriously cheap and pretty good monitor, you can go with something like this one

    Or even better, two of them :)

    Sceptre TVs have, historically, provided a dedicated monitor mode on them, that's why I'm stuck on recommending them.

    For purists, the problem with using something like the TV I cited above vs a dedicated monitor involves slight (50ms or so) lag times and some (again, slight) text quality problems. AFAIR, Sceptres are pretty good about lag times - I think I saw some mentions of 25ms lag times and, seriously, unless you're a dedicated gamer, it doesn't matter.

    My brother is a purist and looked at my Sceptre 32" monitors and scoffed. When he tried to point out the problems with them, I honestly tried to discern them and failed.
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    Man i think that is the exact route ill go. Considering im currently using a single 21.5" monitor i think a 43" would be about perfect.
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  3. I have used 5 different 4K TVs for monitors, over the years, from 39" to 55". They work spectacularly well. Two SEIKIs, one JVC (not as good), one TCL 55" (does not fit in my current space), and an ONN 50". All from Walmart. My development machine has the ONN 50" Roku. Wow, don't even think about it. It is the best monitor I have ever used (I've been a programmer for 30 years). Currently $243 at Walmart.
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    Only 30 years? Youngster.
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  5. Not really. 3 monitors can display MUCH more info an one large one or even a TV.
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  6. Just a note... a 55" TV and 27" UHD monitor display the same amount of info (same number of pixels), but everything on the 55" is bigger.

    With 3x 27" UHD monitors, you could have 6480x3840 res and display 3 times more data/graphics... and it's smaller in portrait mode than a 55" TV (3840x2160)
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    At some point, it becomes not about how much data/graphics you can display but how tiny those data/graphics are on the screen. Not everyone is 20 and has eagle eyes.
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  8. True, but you can usually scale up the text to a readable size. Having more graphics area is always useful, as you can always make the display window bigger as needed. (Have to wonder.... when 8K TVs become the norm, how will traders use those with text being ever so much smaller?) :)
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    So what you are saying is that i wont be able to have more viewable space on a 50" tv? I would think you could just decrease the window size of the programs and be able to have multiple windows running at the same time...forgive my ignorance please.
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  10. You'll have the "space" of a 50" TV, but it won't display more than a 27" monitor. (They both have the same number of pixels.) The issue of "how much can I display?" is not a matter of the display's size... it's a matter of how many pixels is has.

    By using 3x 27" monitors in portrait mode, I can display ~70% more bars than I can with a TV as monitor. And I make the text comfortably readable by scaling up the font.
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