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  1. i recommend getting a workstation instead of a home PC...if you are trading u need something very stable..and ive always ran dual processor workstations..and man they run 20x better and faster than any home pc i main trading PC is a HP Kuyak...a brand new one...has dual 1ghz i think...1gig ram i ...running 4 sony trinitons..19inch...i deffently cant afford flat screens yet being in college and not trading much anymore...but i got this system in high school..and ive surely thought of selling it lol...but i have a dual 333mhz HP Kuyak(back up PC)...for chat, web browsing, and minimized software in case my computer goes down..dont think thatll happen ever tho lol...and that PC has a 15 inch monitor on it...buetiful system..but since i hardly trade anymore ...i might get rid of it...but then i might keep it ..cause after i spend soem time in a prop like to go remote..
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  2. build your own & save big $$$.
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  3. Fracka


    Intel systems are pretty reliable with win2k running in my experience.
    All looks good except I would get a better Graphics card
    The one you are looking at is a bit out of date

    Try a Geforce4 Ti200 at least

    Cheers :D
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