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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Eldredge, Oct 12, 2001.

  1. gary


    5th day trading on new Dell notebook.

    Dell Inspiron 4100,
    866MHz P-3 256MB 10GB
    XP Professional

    When I was at Vegas trade show my house was broken into. Gone computer +....! Could have been a lot worse.

    Talk about being forced to upgrade!

    Very pleased so far. I have been wanting to see if a notebook could keep up. It will screen most of what 2 old 17" monitors held. And much easier on the eyes.

    Add monitor if one wants.

    Notebook. WOW! I can trade most anywhere.
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  2. Trader01


    Upgraded to 1.4 ghz AMD chip with 266 bus speed. Wholesale price about 120 dollars.

    have now 512 mb ram..price about 75 bucks

    you dont need a big hard drive, but you need a relatively fast one.

    my suggestion to anyone is fine a good person who loves to build computers and go the custom route.
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  3. Brewey


    Joe and Gary,

    How have you liked XP so far? Is it compatible with and does it work well with all your trading software?
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  4. gary



    NT 4.0 , 2000 Pro, XP Pro, they are suppose to be the best. Everything i use is java/applet so it is smoooth!!

    Thanks! call if u want 509-966-3503
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  5. The Logitech stuff is nice, however haven't had either KB or Mouse long enough to run low on batteries. I won't go live on this system until after I have experienced battery failure on both.

    The Keyboard (Cordless Freedom Optical) is great. Feels good, has more than adequate range, lots of truly programable buttons. The case is a little cheesy, but looks like it will hold together.

    The Mouse (Cordless MouseMan Optical) I like very much. Didn't like the feel in the store, but works great on the desktop. Good precision and so far no quirks.

    The Microsoft stuff I originally bought I returned.

    The wired (MS Office) Keyboard was ungainly and had a weird home/end/PgUp/PgDn configuration. Also the neato "programable" buttons are, but only in the MS realm.

    The Wireless Intellimouse Explorer felt great in the store, horrible on the desktop. It was too imprecise and never could find a comfortable speed/acceleration pointer setting.

    Definatley optical is the way to go on mice, but time will tell if the convenience of cordless will outweigh potential problems when batteries go south.
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  6. I don't have enough time on it to give a meaningful answer.

    On paper, it should be great. Apart from a few "invisible" substantive changes from w2k, the main differences are in the interface. It is a bit "friendlier" than w2k, but not (so far) in a manner which gets in the way.

    I haven't "blue screened" (or whatever displays when the thing goes wacky) the system as yet. However, there is no question that XP is a hugely improved and much more stable platform than Windows 9.x or Me.

    As far as software, so far, so good, but again, I don't have enough time to give a meaningful answer.

    Sorry I couldn't offer more.
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  7. Rigel


    I've always bought Gateway with AMD. Excellent machines, but now they have gone to bed with Intel and don't offer AMD processors so I'm going to build my own next time. 1700+ AMD, 512megRAM, 64mbGeforce Vid, 32x CDRom, 19" monitor, 10/100network card, 56k mod, 20mb hard, 250zip, Windows ME or Win2000.
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  8. Rigel


    I sent Gateway an email (whoop-tee-doo, but it made me feel better) and told them if they didn't have Athlon I wouldn't buy my next computer from them (three so far). I mentioned to someone that I'd seen this sort of thing before. A company gets successeful and they start to make uni-lateral decisions (bilateral would include the customer), and down the tubes they go. Sure enough, they just layed off 1200 employees. I wish I had listened to myself and shorted that puppy.
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  9. japple


    Hi all! I'm looking to buy a new computer system specifically for trading. Would like to find a single vendor to buy all from to minimize the finger pointing if something goes wrong. Have used Gateways in the past and been reasonably satisfied. Was leaning toward Dell because of the quality of their 17" digital fp monitors but was recently told by 2 salespeople they don't offer a dual digital card. Their solution is buy 2 cards! Same with Gateway. I couldn't believe it!!! As a last resort will probably go with a Dell box with two Dell digital 17" fp monitors and the Matrox 550 dual digital card and hope for the best. Anyone using this setup? Thanks for any replies
    #59     May 28, 2002
  10. Guerilla


    You can check these guys who build systems specifically for traders. You'll pay more due to testing and support, but it could be worth it. I've reviewed their products but haven't made a purchase yet.
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